Mobile Marketing Strategy

The Future of Online Business

Mobile marketing is the future of online business. Businesses that want to succeed in todays marketplace need a mobile marketing strategy. Here are key items to making your mark in the mobile marketplace.

Know Your Market

In any marketing strategy, you need to know your target customer.  Where do they live?  What do they like to do?  Now you need to know how they use their mobile devices.  Your goal is to engage customers using mobile websites and apps.  So they can do whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want!

Mobile Methods

Once you know your customer, select the mobile marketing method that will reach your target.  Mobile marketing is huge!  There are many different methods you can use.  Mobile websites, mobile apps, GPS coupons, email marketing, and QR coupons to name a few.


 One of the key components of a mobile marketing strategy is to to implement a mobile friendly website.  The mobile site will work in tandem with your traditional website.  But its built with a mobile device in mind.  Content is simpler and quicker to access.  Screens are sized to fit on the small screen. Design will be clean and not involve too much scrolling or the need to zoom.

 Mobile Campaigns

 A successful mobile marketing campaign is unique and fresh.  Be creative.  Look at the most popular and successful campaigns out there in your area.  Now think about what your unique twist on these campaigns will be.

Appsolutely Mobile

 A mobile app will appsolutely take you to the next level of being in touch with your customers.  Customers will have your brand with them 24/7.  You will be able to communicate with customers at a push of a button.  Send them push notifications letting them know about your new products and promotions.

An Integrated Strategy

A successful mobile marketing strategy will work hand in hand with traditional marketing.  Combine on and offline. Offer coupons in store that they can use with a mobile app or mobile website.  Connect all of your social media to your mobile campaigns.

Engage The Customer

Mobile is two way.  Customers can use their mobile devices to get information while they are on the go.  Create your apps and mobile websites to allow customer interaction.  Give them the information they most want while mobile.  Make the customer experience fun and engaging!

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